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Reassessing the Process

The simple flag stop station that was located along the mainline of the PVCRR in Moss Landing took me on a slight detour. It seemed simple enough, it's the size of a postage stamp, has four walls, a roof, and two openings for doorways. However, it caused some headaches, had to be completely rebuilt, and ultimately provided me with the opportunity to change how I approach even the simplest of models.

I found the plans for this station in Steinbeck Country Narrow Gauge. They appear to be original construction plans when the station was rebuilt at some point, the plans draw attention to the "existing platform." My guess is that the original structure was damaged in the 1906 earthquake (along with most of the facilities at Moss Landing), and this was the replacement. 

When building Version 1.0 of this building, I carefully cut the four walls out of board and batten styrene sheets, cut out the doorways, and glued the walls together. I then attached the scale 10" trim al…

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