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Amassing A Fleet

I decided to start my Pajaro Valley Consolidated RR by building some boxcars. The construction of these cars was discussedearlier. At first glance, they all appear to be standard boxcars with standard paint and lettering. While that's mostly true, there are some differences in each of them that help to create a uniform look without repeating the same car over and over.

In the recent weeks, I've completed the first four cars of the PVCRR, boxcars #220, 218, 215, and 208. They were all built from Fine N-Scale's 36' truss-rod boxcar. They all include True-Scale body mount couplers from Micro-Trains, and metal wheels. The underbody detailing had to be filed slightly so the wheels could roll freely. After doing that, the cars all operate smoothly. The scale couplers are a nice touch, and they perform well. I've had trouble getting them to couple at slow speeds. I'm hoping that lubricating the couplers will help them operate more freely.

Each Fine N-Scale kit comes …

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