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Researching An Obscure Prototype Through Non-Prototype Research

I didn't set out to model this railroad, I didn't even set out looking for a railroad to model. I already had one in mind (something loosely based on the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific, as it traveled the California coast). I was merely looking up the railroad that served my home town, when I realized that it offered a lot that I found interesting. At that point I decided that it would better fit my available space, allow for interesting operations, and allow me to model the coastal California scenery that I grew up with.

Unfortunately, as I was no longer modeling the Southern Pacific/Santa Fe hybrid I had imagined, I quickly realized that if you search for "Pajaro Valley Consolidated Railroad" you get some great webpages with a lot of information, but not a lot of pictures. This is likely due to the sale of the railroad in 1929, and the lack of cameras in everyone's pockets at the time, like they are today. To be fair, those sites I linked to are great resourc…

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